The Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting: A Cincinnati History Lecture

Perhaps the longest standing Mercantile Library tradition, the Annual Meeting held each January, kicks off the new year for members with a reception, followed by a lecture that highlights an aspect of local and regional history.

2007: Dan Hurley: Founding members

2008: Richard Wendorf: America’s Membership Libraries

2009: Orloff Miller: Alphonso Taft

2010: John Wilson: Elizabeth Nourse

2011: Lynne Ambrosini: Portrait Bust Collection

2012: Bob Vitz: W.H. Harrison and the War of 1812

2013: Ann Hagedorn: Niehoff Lectures

2014: Stella Fukumura: Steinway Piano

2015: Albert Pyle: Past Mercantile Presidents

2016: Mark Bernstein: Gov. John Gilligan

2017: Greg Hand: Cincinnati Legend Cal Crim

2018: Molly Wellmann: Cincinnati Through the Whiskey Glass